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special issues

  • LGBTQ+ Politics in an Age of Crises, guest co-editor with Markus Thiel, International Politics (Special Issue forthcoming 2024)

  • Indigenous Politics of Resistance: From Erasure to Recognition, Guest Editor for Special Issue, New Diversities 19(2) (Göttingen: Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, 2017)

peer-reviewed journal articles

book chapters

book reviews

  • David Syring’s “With the Saraguros: The Blended Life in a Transnational World” Ethnohistory 66(2):407-408. (2019)

  • Raúl Madrid’s “The Rise of Ethnic Parties in Latin America” Bulletin of Latin American Research 34(1): 126-127. (2015)

public scholarship (selected)

  • “Decriminalization with exclusion: Ecuador’s new rape abortion law,” Sexuality Policy Watch (February 2022).

  • “Covid-19 e outras pandemias: extrativisimo e genocídio na Abya Yala” Revista Rosa (May 2020).

  • “Ecuador’s Not-So-Pink Tide: A Citizen’s Revolution Against Its Citizens,” co-author with Grace Jaramillo, Open Democracy / Democracia Abierta (September 2018).

  • “Democratizar el matrimonio en Ecuador: la justicia constitucional frente a los derechos de la población LGBTI,” co-author with Catalina Mendoza Eskola, Sexuality Policy Watch (July 2018).

  • “Ecuador’s Expanding Extractive Frontier,” co-author Diana Coryat, NACLA Report on the Americas, Vol. 48(3): 280-283 (2016).

  • “Unsafe Abortion: Another Facet of Femicide in Latin America,” Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights, CLAM (October 29, 2014).

  • “Cuando las protestas urbanas se unen a las luchas Indígenas,” Revista Coyuntura, University of Cuenca, Vol. 15: 34-43 (2013).

  • “Conversation with Carlos Pérez Guartambel: Indigenous Resistance in the Andes,” NACLA (November 18, 2013).

  • “Ecuador’s Left Punishes Women Rights,” Sexuality Policy Watch (October 17, 2013).

  • “Gay Pride in the Amazon,” Americas Quarterly, Web Exclusive (January 11, 2012).

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