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Aula Inaugural com Manuela Picq - Mulheres Indígenas Desafiando a Ordem Global
Imagine Otherwise Podcast: Ep 72, Manuela Lavinas Picq

Imagine Otherwise Podcast: Ep 72, Manuela Lavinas Picq

How do Indigenous forms of governance provide models for organizing beyond the state? How might scholars better work alongside of and in the best interests of the people that they study? How does Indigenous artistic production reimagine the very nature of politics? In episode 72 of the Imagine Otherwise podcast, host Cathy Hannabach interviews professor Manuela Lavinas Picq about the powerful ways Indigenous Ecuadorian women are forging new models for international politics; the personal, professional, and political stakes of being a scholar in the Global South; why it is so important for academics to work with and for communities, not just write about them; and how Indigenous communities across the globe are imagining worlds beyond the state. TRANSCRIPT & SHOW NOTES: _____________________________________ WEBSITE: TONS of publishing, writing, creating, and teaching resources to rock your interdisciplinary career SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST: Apple Podcasts (iOS): Google Podcasts (Android): Spotify: JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER: Podcast episodes, articles, and trainings right to your inbox to help you rock your interdisciplinary career CONNECT: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


In this episode, Kirthi and Vaishnavi speak to Manuela Lavinas Picq, a Loewenstein Fellow and Visiting Associate Professor in Political Science at Amherst College. She is a professor of International Relations at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), Ecuador. Her research tackles Indigenous politics and sexuality in world politics and Latin America. She is the author of Vernacular Sovereignties: Indigenous Women Challenging World Politics (University of Arizona Press, 2018), Sexualities in World Politics (with Markus Thiel, Routledge 2015) and Queering Narratives of Modernity (with Maria Amelia Viteri, Peter Lang 2016). She has held research positions at Freie Universität (2015), the Institute for Advanced Study (2013), and the Woodrow Wilson Center (2005). Her publications appear in scholarly journals like Latin American Politics and Society, Cahiers du Genre and International Political Science Review. She contributes to international media outlets.

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